Pray for the unrest in Kiev

I certainly don’t pretend to understand all the dynamics and history here, but what seems to be going on is the government has been fighting the will of the people and bullying them for a long time. They are so fed up with the unfairness, they are willing to and are putting their lives on the line. The police, being increasingly frustrated that protestors won’t disperse with less force by now, are using snipers, etc. to take some out. They are still not at the point of tanks and mass machine gunning them down, so we much pray this does not escalate further.

I don’t see how violence in either direction (police towards protestor or protestor towards police) will change anything. It will get media attention to put more pressure on government to do something, though, but at a terrible cost of lives. Let’s pray for a WILLING spirit in the government, to LISTEN, to be reasonable, to be proactive (not reactive) to reach out and SERVE the people and listen to their needs. Pray for the government to be proactive to help them instead of what self-protective governments usually end up doing, killing those who oppose their policies.

And greed and any evil at work here, we pray in Jesus’ Name to bind it and disarm it, and we pray for as peaceful of resolution as possible, and for HEALING so a spirit of resentment does not linger and fester.

And don’t imagine the same thing can’t happen here because it can. Enjoy and use the grace we are given – every day.

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