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  • Fairfax County Parents Demand School Board Resign After ‘Doubling Down’ On ‘P0*n In Schools’
    by Report on December 3, 2021 at 6:50 pm

    Parents gathered outside the Fairfax County School Board meeting on Thursday, voicing their opposition to what they term pedophilia and “porn in schools” after Fairfax County Public Schools reintroduced two books containing depictions of sexual activity. Watch: Watch the latest video at “They’ve doubled down on porn in the schools. They’ve all got to

  • Jussie Smollett’s Lawyers Claim Judge ‘Lunged’ At One Of Them, Ask For A Mistrial
    by Report on December 3, 2021 at 6:48 pm

    Jussie Smollett’s attorneys asked for a mistrial Thursday after the judge called their evidence irrelevant in front of the jury and “physically lunged” at one of the actor’s lawyers. The odd fracas came in the midst of the defense’s cross-examination of Olabinjo Osundairo, who claims he was paid to help Smollett stage the hate crime,

  • Loudoun County Prosecutor Faces Recall Over School Board Chair Defense
    by Report on December 3, 2021 at 6:46 pm

    A Virginia prosecutor who insisted on defending the woke Loudoun County school board chair from an attempt to unseat her now faces her own recall as a result. Attorney Buta Biberaj is refusing to recuse herself from the case to remove School Board Chair Brenda Sheridan, despite what district parents say is an apparent conflict of

  • Psaki Dodges When Asked If Biden Should Still Be President
    by Report on December 3, 2021 at 6:45 pm

    White House press secretary Jen Psaki dodged a question on Wednesday about whether or not it is acceptable for a president to stay in office after overseeing a copious amount of U. S. deaths from the Chinese coronavirus. As Breitbart News reported last week, the U. S. death toll from the Chinese coronavirus under Biden’s

  • Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Is Not Committing To Vote In Favor Of Biden’s Massive Spending Proposal
    by Report on December 3, 2021 at 6:43 pm

    During an interview with CNN, Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona did not commit to vote in favor of President Biden’s massive spending proposal, the Build Back Better Act. The bill passed in the House last month without the backing of any GOP members. “[Senate Majority Leader Chuck] Schumer has said he wants to vote