The ClassBrain Home Page.

The PreK and Kindergarten section is designed for students who are new to the computer.
The main sections are Play Time, How To, and School Time.

The 1st to 3rd Grade Section is for more beginning elementary students. The main sections are Play Time, How To, and School Time.

ASK ClassBrain allows students, parents, and teachers to have the ClassBrain staff help them with questions that have them stumped. Please check their rules, before you send them a question.

Beginner game has been tailored for kids.

WooWee! It’s time for some fun! We have games, games, and more games for when you need a study break. This is a great reward when you’ve completed all of your work!

Social Studies is one of our more popular sections. Here you will find everything and anything related to the 50 States. Choose a state to find the resources for that area. Be sure to check out our posters, books, and music. They make great additions to your state report presentations. View all the games.

The PUZZLERS are a collection of brain-teasing games for teens! This is a HUGE section with all sorts of tools, activities, resources, and helpful materials divided by subject. After Hourshas all sorts of fun stuff from Manga, to Gaming to Dating and so much more. Have a look around when you are taking a study break.