about the Eagle

Learn About the Eagle birthed as a newspaper in Marshall, Tx years ago!

Originally, the Lone Star Eagle was known as a small, local newspaper. As the newspaper ceased operation, Clark Ross,III., took the reins of the concept as a news organization to the internet. Today, the Eagle features major news sources from around the world. More than simply local news, The EAGLE today is a major news source for updated news you need and news most liberal media outlets don’t give you.

Now, The Lone Star Eagle is an online news source covering the State and National News

Over 90 sources of news spanning national, local, financial, medical, educational, and faith news that you don’t hear through the drive-by media. Stay informed and up-to-date. Share our page with someone you know. Bookmark this site and join us time to time.

Share your stories – Become a Guest Contributing Editor

We are looking for those with a voice who wish to write that others can be inspired, challenged, or uplifted. We are living in a most important time for the truth to be known by the masses. Do your part as a citizen reporter. If you have a gift of writing and experience in news gathering, join our team. We need your voice! We need your eyes and ears! The Eagle is looking for citizen reporters from Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and East Texas, West Texas South Texas and Central Texas. To keep us informed about our southern border, we are looking for reporters from ElPaso, Texas. Join the Eagle today while we still have America.

Join our team today! Learn more about the Eagle and join our team!

about the eagle

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